Durability testing  > P-612ST/LD

  • Pass/fail indicators
  • 6 independent testing stations
  • Programmable static & dynamic load
  • Closed-loop force control
  • Brushless closed loop servomotors for webbing extraction
  • Motorized linear acceleration sled on each station
  • Graphical representation of measurements
  • Results are saved in a database
  • Flexible reporting with custom test report formats
  • Multiple export formats for test results
  • Custom programmable outputs
  • Optional multi-angle retractor jig
  • Optional increased static load
Retractor angles
± 45°
± 45°
Optional multi-angle left/right
-45 to 5°
Optional multi-angle forward/backward
± 90°
Webbing motor acceleration
up to 6 g
Vehicle motor acceleration
up to 1 g
Load cell range
1100 N
Load cell resolution
0.05 N
Dynamic load
up to 300N
Static load
up to 120 N
Optional Increased static load
up to 300 N

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