ATOS engineering supports your ideas on every step of the way, from the first concept to installing the final product. Whether you need a whole new machine or wish to refurbish or retrofit an exsiting one, the ATOS engineering team is here to help realise that goal.

1. Scope

Tell us what you need and we will make it happen. Our design team meets with your team to discuss your requirements and gage the scope of the project. A basic concept is agreed upon and an estimated price is discussed. 

2. Design

Our design team and engineers work out a detailed design based on the agreed upon concept. We’ll create a detailed design using the latest CAD tools. Your input is important to us. If you don’t like what you see, we’ll make adjustments untill we’re all satisfied.

3. Production

With the details all ironed out and everyone satisfied, it is time for our engineers and fabricators to get to work. We’ll source high quality materials, fabricate any custom components and assemble the whole thing. Custom control software is also created at this time.

4. acceptance

If requested, ATOS engineering can accommodate factory acceptance tests. At our location, we demonstrate the full functionality of the system and give you the chance to test your new machine.

5. Installation & training

When your machine is fully finished and tested, we’ll ship it to your location using one of our trusted shipping partners. One of our engineers will arrive shortly after to handle the installation and provide on-site training for your operators.

What solution can we offer you?