ATOS engineering provides the tools you need to keep your products ahead of the competition. Highly specialized, high accuracy machines allow for fine-tuning of specific aspects of your products. They can be used to comply with the following, but not limited to, specifications:

ECE-R16 | FMVSS 209 | GB 14166 | 77/541/EEC | IS 15140 | JIS D 4604 | AK-LV 104 | TL 471 |  QS 72003 | KS R 4027 | PF12050 | PSA | CFR | 86840_NDS00 | FIAT 9.03176 | GMW14831 | FORD ES98-ABA / ES F57B | GS96/97 | ADR4/03  |  ES88800 | RENAULT | ES-X32116 | …

The functionality testing equipment of ATOS engineering provides highly accurate tests. All test results are logged and stored in a database. From these results different configurable reports can be generated.


The ATOS engineering durability testing machines perform tests on various car parts. On each station all movements and applied forces can be programmed independently.

Our cyclers are equipped with accurate measurement systems and configurable logging of the results in a database. 

In-line Production Equipment

ATOS engineering production equipment aims to easily integrate into new or existing production lines. Fast, reliable, semi-automatic testing ensures that every single item that you produce conforms to the highest standard.

These machines are designed to be easy to use and highly adaptable to any retractor type. Intuitive retractor- and webbing mounting significantly speeds up testing.

A large variety of optional features allows you to personalize every machine to the exact needs of your production line.

The semi- or even fully-automatic machines in this range were designed to test and ensure the quality of a seat belt retractor before the webbing is inserted in the production proces. The high-end models use robotic arms to operate without the need for an operator.

This range of machines programs, calibrates and tests motorized retractors through integrated CAN/LIN communication. Force and current is measured and evaluated during function cycles.


ATOS engineering has created a wide range of control & measurement systems. While primarirly used in our own machines, these controllers are also separately sold. 


Over the past three decades ATOS engineering has provided custom solutions for a wide array of customer projects. From position measuring systems in the high radiation zone of nuclear plants to accurate telescope movement, we’ve created exciting advancements for our partners.
How can we help you today?

To ensure that your machines run smoothly and perform optimally year after year, ATOS engineering can provide a yearly calibration service.

Our highly trained calibration engineers will finetune and optimize your machines, with minimal impact on your production. Comprehensive calibration rapports will tell you everything you want to know about all the measurements done.

Fully qualified, experienced ATOS Engineers are available to support you and your business throughout the long lifespan of your ATOS machine(s).
Answers to your questions, problem solving or education, can all be provided to ensure that you get the most out of our products.

What solution can we offer you?